Ethiopia Made Up in Western Political Arena With Fake Name and Maps-Part I


Benishangul Gold

Somalilandsun – The will of a nation cannot be broken, no matter how long it takes, at the end their will prevails. Therefore, the Benishangul People’s dream to be independent will soon be a reality, it does not matter what you want and think, what is matter for us is what we want, and how we would like to achieve it.
Colonization is not a thing to be proud of because it occurs after aggression, pressure, invasion and conquest. In fact many people die during colonization conquest that makes most of us to believe that colonizers commit genocide with no remorse. However colonization is different from one country to another in certain ways, take for example Hong Kong under British colony, the island has prospered, everyone get good education, received a good healthy system, equal opportunities and above all democracy, and another example that shows the good side of the western colonization in Africa is Sudan, the British policies in Sudan contributed significantly in abolishing slavery, creating a good governing system, which makes us believe that many countries were better off under European colonization, that does not necessarily mean we support the European colonization, but we would like to be objective and fair, as there is a dark side for being colonized, there is some advantages too, and if we weigh both we believe the advantages of civilized nation’s colonies are far more than disadvantages, because being colonized by a civilized nation is much better than being subjugated and oppressed by a primitive, backward, brutal and savage third world country such as Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia)
This is a country that has been created and survived by the western’s aid and assistance, if it was not for the west, there would not be so-called Ethiopia but hostile Abyssinian highlanders. In the ancient time when Abramus invaded Yemen he was directed and assisted by the Roman Empire, when Ahmed Ibn Ibrahim El Ghazi revolted against the brutality of Emperor Lebna Dengel in 1527, the Abyssinia used the religion card to convince Western powers to get engaged in the war, and that is what happened After Ahmed took control over the entire country, the Portuguese sent their best forces, which contributed in defeating and killing Sheikh Ahmed in 1543. During this time Benishangul was part of Fung Kingdom in Sennar, this kingdom was prosper and peaceful than any other land on Earth. Also, during Tewodors II and Yohannes reigns, both cooperated with the English, and Yohannes has worked hard to deceive Al Khalifa Abdulahe of the Sudan and worked side by side with Britain helping them to conquer Sudan.
During the reign of Emperor Menelik II, the brutal killer and blood thirsty Emperor whom the highlanders tend to call the modernizer, in his time the current Ethiopian territories were started to be annexed and continued until the 19th Century, even the Emperor Menelik used France assistance against Italy and Britain. He was expansionist, all he wanted was to subjugate the neighboring kingdoms and Sultanates regardless of the bloodshed and brutality of his tribal forces that relied on looting other nations. His victory over Italian forces in 1896 in Adwa was the beginning of the dark future of the Benishangul people. Many people were killed, deprived of their lands and enslaved, many territories were invaded trying to cement together nations that do not have anything in common, but his selfishness and arrogance did not make him see the ethnics disharmony, so, what did he leave for his successors, nothing except a fake country that will never be unified no matter how the highlanders try unless some miracles happen.
Emperor Haile Selassie was not different from his predecessors, when his country was invaded by the Italian the Emperor fled to England before the fall of Addis Ababa on 5 May 1936. Mussolini admitted that Benishangul should not be part of Ethiopia and he said that Benishangul is not Ethiopian. The English assisted the Abyssinia (fake Ethiopian) resistance fighters whom with English role defeated the Italians in 1941, if the English did not interfere we believe Abyssinia (Ethiopia) would be under the Italian occupation, that is how Abyssinians ruled the country, which has always been relied on foreign support.
After the emperor’s downfall the Derg took over, Somalia wanted to unite Ogaden with their brothers in Somalia,therefore,Somalia launched its Army against Ethiopia. The Ethiopian military were defeated and was pushed to the strip of highlanders which used to be called Abyssinia, but as usual,outside support from USSR and Cuba pushed back Somali National Forces (SNF) into Somalia. This is a country that was formed and survived by the aid and support of foreigners, how would such a country existed all this time? Ethiopia should have been in pieces because there is nothing that would bring them together, it is a multi-nationals at least 15 of them that have been dominated by highlanders for so long. Why do other nations continue to be part of it? What is their benefit, they have never provided us or any other under Ethiopian colony: Education, health care, equality to our people that live as third class citizens in their soil; there is nothing encouraging, all we have seen is looting the resources of the Benishangul region, particularly during the current government of Wayanne, the Wayanne and all highlanders know deeply that the Benishangul region is not theirs, thus, they focus only on extracting the gold, by the time we gain our independence nothing will be left, where is the justice?
By Khalid Nasser from Benishangul and Ahmed Abdi from Ogaden