Ethiopia: Amhara’s Testing Somali State With Colonial Reoccupation

A stable Ethiopia is a must for prosperity in the Horn of Africa region

Somalilandsun: For outsiders, Ethiopia was great empire more civilised and more advanced than the rest of Africa. An empire never colonized by Europeans when the rest of Africa became inevitable prey to European brutal scramble for partition to colonise for cheap labour and raw materials.

For insiders, Ethiopia is a country whose true history is of invasions, conquests, violent annexations, massacres, genocide, repressions, exploitation, injustice, oppressions, damages and destructions, displacements etc inflicted on Cushitic peoples by Abyssinian colonisers for over 135 years. It is history based on dominating and dominated resulting in creating deep hostility, bitterness, and hatred between Abyssinians (the dominating system) and Cushitic peoples (the dominated majority peoples). Instead of being colonised, Ethiopian Abyssinian Emperors participated in the Partition of Africa.

After the Tigray war, Amhara attempts to have colonial resurrection to recycle their former tyrannical Kingdom to reimpose old Abyssinian black colonialism on Cushitic peoples as well as on the rest of Ethiopia. Amhara tries first to eliminate democratic federal system of Ethiopia by abolishing federal constitution, removing article 39 of federal constitution, weakening constitutional autonomy or self-government of ethnic regional administrations in order to re-establish Amhara led unitary government and reimpose Abyssinian black colonialism again on the majority people of Ethiopia under one own flag and one language but the rest of Ethiopia
led by Oromo people will reject that attempt. In order to get justification for abolishing Ethiopia federal system and reinstating Amhara’s oppressive, suppressive unitary government, Amhara blames the federal system for the current woes and crises in Ethiopia instead of blaming their long time colonial domination and abusive power for the current problems.

If that fails, Amhara may try to mobilize Amhara communities residing in other ethnical regions for land expansion to play intrusive political influence by electing councils, committees and even representatives throughout Ethiopia participating in their local, regional and federal elections to secure favourable outcomes for their own candidates. This tactics helps Amhara to have more members in the federal parliament to pass legislative bills favouring them in order to have grip on the national politics of the whole country including land expansion as well as outnumbering other ethnic groups in military, police and intelligence service to ultimately seize the power of Ethiopia again for Amhara Colonial Reoccupation.

Now Jigjiga, the capital of Somali State in Ethiopia, almost falls to Amhara test by having two Amhara extreme ladies running for the coming elections in Jigjiga and next will be the rest of the state while all other ethnic groups in Ethiopia are kicking out Amhara from their regions. Amhara will reconquer Somali Region before they test other states in Ethiopia though testing Oromo will be impossible for Amhara. Mustafa Omer Agjar is a blessing leader for Amhara because it would be unthinkable for Amhara to gradually reoccupy Somali Region without him. PM Abiy Ahmed and Amhara radical leaders are behind the conspiracy of reoccupying rich Somali State using Mustafa Omer Agjar and maybe that was the reason for disarming ONLF.

Somalis should not lose their state to Amhara while Ethiopia is under total disintegration. Each state or ethnic group in Ethiopia is taking over their land and is fighting for the full control and freedom of their land in case Ethiopia reaches point of no return. If Ethiopia disintegrates and new republics emerge, Somali State may not have the chance of becoming independent nation because Amhara may prevent the region from becoming independent nation at gunpoint unless Somalis clean up their house of Amhara before time.

Now Jigjiga, the capital of Somali State in Ethiopia, almost falls to Amhara test by having two Amhara extreme ladies running in the coming elections

Somali youth of the state are already feeling despair of losing the land of their forefathers to the brutal coloniser, Amhara, and the situation may turn explosive and deadly soon expelling all Amhara and their puppets from the Somali Region to rescue the region from Amhara colonial take over for reoccupation. While the Somali state still remains part of Ethiopia, it should be controlled and administered by its own Somali people. Every walk of life in the state is controlled unbelievably by Amhara today while single Somali can not reside, live or work in Amhara region and while most of the youth of the region are unemployed and suffering from poverty.

Ethiopia will never be the same because of the Northern Wars, Ethiopian military is devastated, coming elections in Ethiopia may be partial and may not be able to keep Ethiopia together as Oromo, the biggest ethnic group of Ethiopia boycotted the elections because their political candidates are jailed for PM Abiy Ahmed for fear of their victory. Oromo may gradually seize Addis Ababa, Tigre Region may come under the administration of international community after Ethiopian and Eritrean troops and Amhara armed are decimated by Western Forces to save the rest of Tigre people from genocide unless they withdraw fast from the region on their own. PM Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afwerki could face war crimes because of the silent, genocidal invasion in Tigre Region. Disintegration of Ethiopia maybe on the Horizon and seems inescapable.

By: Ibrahim Hassan Gagale
March 2021