Somaliland: Stampede Kills One at Drought Relief Distribution


As six others are injured by presumably friendly fire in Baligubadle

Baligubadle town straddles the Ethiopian Somaliland border

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- In addition to woes inflicted by severe drought a family in Baligubadle town is mourning a son.
This follows the death of 25 years old Hakim Aw Adan Direye and severe gunshot wounds to six others during a stampede at a drought relief food distribution in the Town.
According to eyewitnesses the death and injuries occurred after displaced people stampeded a food distribution function causing a policeman to fall down thence accidental firing of his AK 47 assault rifle
The report states that beneficiaries of the food aid all drought internal from drought affected eastern regions of the country were jostling for number one receipting spot which resulted in the punishing to ground of the policeman guarding the consignment.
“Upon falling down during the melee the policeman’s gun was dislodged from his grasp resulting in the accidental firing of a spray of bullets deep within the crowd” a witness said
The Baligubadle district administration that took the Injured to the Hargeisa Group hospital says it is together with the Hawd regional government investigating the incident
This is the first time for death and injury to occur at food distribution Centre in Somaliland where such activities have been a regular occur function as a result of severe drought that has resulted in famine and internal displacement of large numbers of citizens.