Donation of HiLights to nomads in Somaliland


A Nomad girl using hilightHiNation, in cooperation with Svensk-Somalisk Miljösamverkan, has donated some HiLights to nomads in Somaliland society. As mentioned by Svensk-Somalisk Miljösamverkan, “The HiLights were used to improve nutrition and quality of life. We are very grateful for the cooperation which made these donations possible.”


HiNation HiLight – a 100% solar powered charger and lantern

HiNation HiLight is a 100% solar powered lamp with charging functionality. It is adapted to suit users with a lighting and charging need (mobile phone, MP3 or similar) for customers lacking electricity; in their home, on trips, camping or kayak adventure!

HiNation HiLight provides:

20 hours of light or 3-10 mobile phone charges from 10 hours of sunlight

Strong light, enough to light a small room (360°) for reading, working or socializing

Charging of mobile phones, GPS, MP3, digital camera and similar via USB outlet

Compact & robust construction

Water resistant and floats on water (great for the kayak trip!)

Easy to hang, put down or carry

All-in-one construction; solar cell built into the lamp itself

Light-weight, ~430g

High-efficiency solar cell and LED diode

No environmentally harmful substances (RoHS compliant)

Special Features:

Temperature-Base Protection (TBP): Battery is programmed to only function within optimal temperature range (-5 to 60 deg. C). This will ensure that battery life is being prolonged.

Hibernate mode: By holding onto the button for about 10 secs, the battery will be “locked” and stored for use in times of emergency.