Djibouti’s President Gelle Angst as Somalia’s President Farmajo Embraces Eritrea


Somalilandsun – Since 1991 Djibouti has played an important role in the Somalia political and security Arenas.
Apart from infusion of funds to various administrations since then to date Djibouti also maintains a large number of troops in Somalia for purposes of propping the Alshabaab militants embattled Federal Government in Mogadishu.
With a such a lengthily engagement in Somalia, the president f Djibouti Ismail Omar Gelle was an important player in the international efforts directed towards reviving the collapsed country.
But in the recent past this influence has waned considerably following Somalia’s rapprochement with both Ethiopia and Eritrea.
This engagement has seen President Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo of Somalia became a regular guest at dinner tables in Ethiopia and Eritrea hosted by Prime Ahmed Abiy and President Isaias Afeworki respectively
For President Ismail Gelle , Ethiopia is not the issue for his bone of contention is the direction taken by President Farmajo in Eritrea which is Djibouti’s nemesis.
This two neighbouring Horn of Africa countries have been at loggerheads for years, involving regular armed battles.

An embrace of friendship btw presidnts Afeworki and Farmajo of Eritrea and Somalia

The most hurting act by President Farmajo since hooking up with President Afeworki was the supported Somalia gave towards lifting of UN arms embargo on Eritrea.
According to a BBC somali Service Report the expectations that Djibouti as usual shall be consulted by the international community on issues Somalia has waned not to mention the political, security and diplomatic changes taking place in the Horn region of which Djibouti is not a player but spectator while Somalia is playing midfield.
Speaking to BBC somali Service in Mogadishu on the 17th November 2018, Djibouti’s envoy to Somalia Dr Adan Hasan Adan ,Said “ We expected Somalia to vehemently oppose the lifting of sanctions against Eritrea but to our surprise our Somalia brothers acted contrary”
To Djibouti this was a very painful bone to swallow for large parcels of its land is currently occupied by Eritrea, said Amb Adan While stressing that its nemesis now freed of sanctions is in a legal position to acquire weapons to wage war on Djibouti and its people.
According to the diplomat, while the dilly dallying between presidents Farmajo and Afeworki was painful the support towards ensuring that Eritrea is free of its lengthily UN imposed arms embargo was salt to injury.

Amb Adan Hasan says the Eritrean embrace with Somalia is a painful pill for Djibouti to swallow

The breakdown in relations between the two former Cosy pals became overt during a visit by the Somalia head of state to Djibouti where the host President Gelle refused to hold a joint post meeting press conference with the visiting President Farmajo.

While the level of this diplomatic and political deterioration is yet to accurately gauged, a twitter account managed in Mogadishu has in the recent past attacked and continuously President Ismail Gelle for allegedly opposing ongoing rapprochement in the Horn of Africa region
According to views expressed through the Mogadishu managed twitter account said to be supported , covertly by the Federal Government of Somalia the changes in the Horn region which Djibouti feels left out is good for the region where political and security turbulence has over the years marred any meaningful Development thus never ending suffering by Residents all over.
After all is said and while the geo political realignments in the Horn region initiated by PM Abiy of Ethiopia are for the better if sustained it is not only Djibouti which has been left out for next door in Somaliland former glory in Addis Ababa is currently an untenable but much wished for dream.

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  1. Somalia is a failed state and Farmaajo is the snake at its helm.

    The snake just bit Djibouti but Djibouti is not short in its arsenal of weapons to use against Somalia and the snake Farnaajo at its helm.

    Farmaajo is a dead man walking as far as Somalis are concerned, its sad his foreign backers fail to realise he is done in the eyes of Somalis, he failed on all counts. No need to waste a penny on him financially or otherwise as that wil be seen as propping up a dictator.

    Indeed the EU statement of direct budgetary support caused serious chaos among all clans as it effectively it meant EU is supporting the genocide of certain clans by financing
    and arming the Mogadishu junta. War is now most likely unavoidable in the entire Somali penninsula

  2. Somalia is growing as Somalis , people must remember somalia and its past , with Somaliland crimes and Ethiopia’s war and unrecognized government and al Shabab in Somalia , its very problematic in Somalia with arms embargo lifted in criteria Somalia may get their arms embargo lifted and Arabs in the Arab league must watched carefully due their bad internations with lybia and syria over funding of humatarian aid and not yemen and one track policy of Syria Iraq and turkey which is no fight for Somalis a peaceful area in the Indian ocean Somalia should know this responsibility and be africans not arab minded trade should be with south asia and india and little or non arab trade besides gulf states of uae Qatar Yemen and Oman , Somalia should also open it churhs for tourist and visiors , Somaliland church as opened for tourists and visitors a, Somalia now boosts a large population of 16 million where arab league may benefit from a war that causes migration of a arab policy’s of based on religion in a not so religious world from china to America.