Disarming warlords in Mogadishu


Somalilandsun – In this his latest episode , Amir touches in disarming warlords that had played havoc in Somalia for decades. One of these warlords was captured in August 14 this year after his home was raided by the African Union Forces who have found more the 500 guns as well as cache of ammunition in his backyard.

Here is the translation of the Somali text in the cartoon :

These are men discussing the disarming of the Warlords.
The man on the left says. “Disarming the warlords is a triumph for the people living in Mogadishu”.
The man in the middle says ” That is OK but reconciliation and forgiveness must have been reached before disarming the people.”
The man in the right corner says “What puzzles me is that arms are being sold at the Sky shooter (Cirtoogte) market while at the same time arms are being confiscated from the homes of Mogadishu residents”
Amin Amir is a cartoonist of Somali origin who lives in Canada . Amin is also an activist and campaigns for social change among the Somali speaking population Worldwide.

AMISOM display cache of weapons offloaded from mogadishu warlords