Dirty Dreams of Somaliland


By: Yusuf Deyr

Somalilandsun – The morning mist on the flowers is my shed tears; and the whispering of the trees is the wailing of my devastated heart. They are twisting my heart, but I am too old to cry. They are expert only, on how to divide us. Implanting seeds of hatred and malice among family and friends. But we want, what binds us, not what divides us.

From – Looya Addo to Eelaayo. How they are punishing us with our own mistakes is almost unreal to believe. It is not dark yet, but it is getting too late. Mr.Silanyo, a dog has four legs but does not run on four roads. Lack of National purpose of direction and political strategy is the symptoms of my killing disease. Good guys have to shoot, so the evil must not win. We need a messiah with a gimmick – stick to intervene.

Just an appropriate school for my betrayed child, an affordable electricity, and a healthy water to drink. That is all for my demands right now. Until my favorite Hero, Mr.Six, restores back life and returns back from his Self – Imposed – Exile. My sweet dream of tomorrow turned in to a sweet sorrow and dirty dreams. Because our politicians are blinded by the Gold – Dust. They can read neither our lips nor our hearts.

History begins with writing a simple commenting note. Mr.Mohamed Hashi Elmi, life is a theater where the worst people of the society, sometimes get the best seats. As Somalilanders, it is our manner born to hang honest leaders, and take off our hats to greet big jerks and thieves, as a salute and respect. But for a good leader, the journey is never too long. Mr.M.White, a running river never freezes. At the end of the rally, justice will prevail. Bear in mind that Mr.Silanyo’s holy Bible is his Bank Book, but your faith and your Guidebook is the Holy Quran. Alas! ingratitude is Somalilander’s nature. We must take a friend for what he does, a wife for what she has, and goods for what they are worth. Referring to your relationship to Mr.Silanyo, you forgot that a reconciled acquaintance is a double enemy. And a friend won with a feather, can be lost with a straw. But don’t worry, tomorrow is another day. All serious Somalilanders are rallying behind you but a little scared. Cunning and dishonesty are the weapons of the weak. Dear reader, three things drives a man out of his country. Poverty, bad ruler, and a broken love. One generation plants the trees, other generation enjoys the fruit, and another sits under the trees with empty stomach and a broken heart. Mr.M.White, don’t worry, fish and African politicians stinks in three days. We are conquered by wild mosquitoes hungry for pain and taking revenge.

In November instant, the ruling Junta of Mr.Silanyo held a fairy tale exhibition of fashion – show to display how elegant – dancers in politics and stylish in appearance they are. Claiming that they have painted the sky with beautiful rainbows, and have planted the barren – desert with fruits and flowers. Inviting to their Fairy Tale Show, some fasting – audience with dry lips, empty – stomach, and wearing frowning, gloomy faces. Declaring a manifest – destiny to the masses, the Government’s – Bankruptcy in brain and pocket. Attending the ceremony while wearing black suits, white shirts, and red neck – ties, that are smeared with a cold blood. Boasting, and declaring achievements with indulgent pride and satisfaction. Dear reader, sometimes you wish Allah to speak as an early Day of Judgment. So that the truth that crushed to death, will rise again on the earth. A tax – payer old lady that sells tomatoes and ground – nuts on the street exclaimed . Just like father, like son. Nothing new but repeating the same trash – talk of the past.

Ended their disgusting Opera, reciting those old songs of the late dictator: You are the sun, you are the moon. Starting from day one, when Mr.Silanyo told us to sweep the streets. I have realized that he is visionless. They have just filled our ears with wax. This regime believes that the Self – Absorbed – Act of taking is a worthy quality. But giving without expectation of reward, regarded as eccentric one. Who knows where it might lead to ? In a country where all mired in poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, and disease. While some of special – interest – group jealously hoarding good amount of fortune of the nation’s treasury. They are nothing but a bandit of parasites that promotes corruption, and kick – back payments for illicit profit. And yet , they are baffled by the resentment their ill action generates. Slamming the door on our face, in this age and time. It is just another wasted four years irreversible time, deductible from our life – span. A saga typifies the fruitless Era of the old Vampire. Indeed, Our Orange Revolution turned in to ash and dust. The old lady ended in her painful remarks.

Dear reader, our Government claiming that it is having a peaceful political dialogue with the Paper – Tiger President of Somalia. A Dialogue that have no bonds, obligation or strategic agenda. That is why the president of Mogadishu illegally fishing our Gold – Fish in our coast basin, while our big brother is tongue – tied and can’t defend himself. Because, he is holding a water in his mouth. Mr.Silanyo, a dog has four legs but does not run on four roads. Secondly, why you buy the cow if you can get the milk free? It is an ill bird that fouls it’s own nest. It is not in your jurisdiction to nominate sultans and chiefs that are loyal to you. That is why he is disintegrating the society in to clans, and tribes that have no a common goal. Implanting the seeds of hatred, among families and friends. Interfering the private affairs of the society. Mr.Silanyo, the Government has no right to trespass in to our bedrooms. Mind your own business. Above that, Prices of the local consumption commodities are sky rocketing, inflation is in the highest rate, and unemployment is in the highest peak. Our future generation from universities, are still under baby – sitting by their parents at home. Sitting – hand – in – chin in disbelief to what is fated to them. Or endorsing an illegal immigration in between the devil, and the dead – sea. Your election – Commission is filibustering the election process by introducing kick backs, and illegal restriction in the polling – stations. For the purpose of rigging the election. As a result, the safety and the security of the country is shattered and the masses are feeling unsafe, and worried about the coming tomorrow.. Experiencing disappointment and a future – shock. The country is in the cliff of a Civil – War. That is why all clairvoyant somalilanders like Mr.Ibrahim Mead are sending an Alarm – Siren. Urging the people to be fully alert and conscious about what is going on. The Country is running in a path full of land – mines and explosives. Mr.Silanyo, your mirror is your best friend, not your flatterers.

Obsession in power and megalomania shortens the ruling term of the dictator.

The air hung thick and cold around your table.

The deceased Hero, Mr.Gariye the Great once said:

I hate to say I told you, but I did.

Dadna Waa Hangoolkii Nin Marku Dan Leeyahay, Dalmaro La Tabi Jiray.

Yusuf Deyr

Edmonton, Alberta