Dahabshiil waives charges in aid of Mogadishu blast victims


Dahabshiil waives charges in aid of Mogadishu blast victims

somalilandasun -Money transfer company Dahabshiil has waived all commission charged on money sent to aid victims of Mogadishu terror attack.

“We stand with our community and apart from just having those affected in our prayers, we will also offer our support to those in need,” Dahabshiil said in a statement.

Dahabshiil’s effort has also been boosted by Aamin Ambulance, which is offering free medical services.

Dahabshiil has contributed financially to Aamin Ambulance as they continue to help the casualties of the truck bomb that occurred on October 14.

More than 200 people were killed.


A social media campaign spearheaded by Somalis in the diaspora, including author Nadifa Mohammed, raised substantial funds towards Aamin Ambulance’s endeavours.

Dr Abdulkadir Abdirahman Adan, the founder of the 24-hour free Aamin Ambulance in Mogadishu, said the poor state of the country’s health sector motivated him to start the voluntary service.

“When I came back to the country, there was war going on and people were using wheelbarrows to get patients to hospitals.

“It led to deaths on the way to hospitals; the persons carrying the patient would be tired.

“That motivated me to respond and set up Aamin Ambulance services. It has helped to stop deaths,” Dr Adan said.


Dr Adan further said that his company functions on trust to succeed.

“The word Aamin, if I put ‘I’ before it, it becomes ‘Trust Me’. We chose this name because people in Somalia are not used to having volunteers.

“So, I wanted them to trust my voluntary service. I chose the name because I wanted their trust,” Dr Adan explained.

The firm has a team of 35 nurses, paramedics, and drivers along with a fleet of 10 vehicles.


Overstretched financial and human resources made Dr Adan seek help from other organisations.

For example, United Nations Development Programme offered walkie-talkies, which Dr Adan said will drastically change the way his firm operates, especially in emergencies.

“Through remittances courtesy of Dahabshiil, we have restored hope to our people.

“Dahabshiil in particular not only donated to our course but also waived commission to those affected. There is no patriotism such as that.”


Aamin staff face other challenges such as general physical risks and traumatic experiences.

Dr Adan described the attack as the most severe.

Nonetheless, he said that his desire to continue helping people will never flounder; revealing that with adequate support, he can set up more branches in every region of Somalia within the next 10 years.