Dahabshiil Sponsored Somaliland Marathon 2020 Set for Feb 21st in Hargeisa

Somaliland marathon 2020 is sponsered by Dahabshil Group

Somalilandsun: The second non profit Somaliland Marathon and 10km races Take Place on Friday 21st Feb 2020.

This annual event has been made possible by the largesse of Dahabshil group of companies who are main sponsors

The marathon will take place in Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland. Along with being a great opportunity to experience this unrecognized country in the Horn of Africa nation, participants will also be supporting the work of the Darlington Foundation, a British-based charity which promotes and supports the education of students in Somaliland;

Somalilaland marathon 2020 route in hargeisa

The 42.2 km marathon and the 10km race  will start and finish in Somaliland’s capital city, Hargeisa. These are semi-supported events with basic medical provision and drinks at each of the stations along the routes. The route is flat and starts in the stadium in Hargeisa and heads west for 21km before returning along the same route back to the stadium. The 10km route heads in the same direction.  The registration fees for the marathon and the 10km race are the same and  were:

* for international runners: $200; and

* local runners: $1 or 10,000 Somaliland Schillings

The international entry fees will help fund the event and subsidise local entry fees.

The first non profit Somaliland Marathon and 10km races Took Place last year April


The Somaliland Marathon welcomes all runners, regardless of sex, creed, colour, or national origin and aims to promote sport in Somaliland through the organisation of an annual marathon and 10km race in the capital, Hargeisa. As well as encouraging more Somalis to participate in sport, the marathon will showcase this wonderful and hospitable country to visiting foreign athletes.

Dahabshil group of companies isa main sponsor of Somaliland marathon