Chinese State Media Apologizes for Purported Accidentally Recognizing Somaliland



Somalilandsun – Earlier on Sunday in a post about the blast in Somalia’s capital of Mogadishu we posted a picture with a map showing Somaliland as a separate part from Somalia.
This apology was made by China’s CGNT adding that “This is incorrect and we would like to apologize to all our followers from Somalia that it is not CGTN Africa’s intention to divide people of the great continent of Africa. This was an honest mistake and we are terribly sorry for this error on our part. The post has since been deleted from all our platforms and the right map and story updated. We would also like to categorically state that the wrong map was a mistake by one of our editors and DOES NOT in any way reflect the STANDPOINT of the Chinese government. We appreciate the people of Somalia and their keenness on following stories we bring from that nation. They have formed a greater part of our audience and we would never want to lose them.
We welcome corrections from our audience in case we post anything wrong. We sincerely apologize for this mistake. Please keep following CGTN Africa and helping us to grow bigger and better. Ended the Chinese state tv apology for the purported accidental recognition of Somaliland
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