China-US 5G Competition in Africa

China-US 5G Competition - Asia times image

Somalilandsun: The Parallel Wireless and Open RAN  gaining market share in Africa is also attracting  severe competition between the US and China.
Rest of the World posted on 9 August 2021 a commentary that looks at US telecoms vender Parallel Wireless to break into the 5G market in Africa. Parallel Wireless is based on open source technology called Open RAN, which promises to allow telecom operators to use different venders for different pieces of their 4G and 5G networks.
“The US is pushing the global internet into one that is US dominated and another that is China dominated” argues Abubakar Idris author of the Rest of the World article  titled “The Race to Build Africa’s 5G Networks Is Entangled in a U.S. Push to Cut Huawei’s Dominance