Can President Hasan sheikh Sustain Momentum on Somaliland


Hornnewspaper: It is an open secret that a majority of Somalilanders was pro Sheikh Sharif re-election due to what they perceived as his pro-Somaliland tendencies.

So disappointment was galore with the SL borders when Hasan Sheikh Mahmoud won the presidency, for he was little known thus “Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know”

Well come his first Somali language press conference and Kudos Somaliland was top of his agenda and positively at that

“Although am all for unity, Somaliland’s sovereignty should not be belittled thus forced to rejoin the south but enticed through friendly means” Said president Hasan

This statement came after he informed that he was ready to resume talks suspended before the elections, and not only did it reverse local perceptions but won him many hearts as well.

While this is great news for the country, the big question is can president Hasan sustain the momentum shown as pertains to Somaliland. ???

How will he react when the likes of the Farole from Puntland start their anti-Somaliland campaigns at villa Somalia in Mogadishu?

Will he stand steadfast to his principles acquired after lengthily service within the civil societies?

Will he remember the many days Somalilanders hosted him in Hargeisa while on various civil society errands for his people in the south?

Can he sustain the obvious onslaught from proponents of greater Somalia who are even now seething with anger and disappointment over his statement etched in the hearts of all landers? “The sovereignty of Somaliland should be respected”

Perceived as a political moderate the academic president congratulated the governments of Somaliland and the outgoing TFG for initiating the talks between the former united nations that have not seen eye to eye in 21 years.

We remain hopeful that the Hasan Sheikh momentum in Mogadishu remains sustainable and surely receive the needed support from our own mediation team, government, lawmakers and ordinary citizens from all lifestyles in Somaliland.

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