Somaliland:Cabinet Approve Annual Government Budget, Largest Chunk Goes to Development


The cabinet has rubber stamped the 2018 budget this is according to
information supplied by Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA). The government
expenditure for this year is historic, since it has exceeded all budgets
approved for the past 26 years Somaliland has been independent.

Arithmetically the government financial plan for 2018 is a trillion one
hundred and eighty seven billion (1,187,000,000,000) Somaliland Shillings
which is equivalent to two hundred and eighty one million dollars

The new financial arrangement will see 34% of the funds go to development
matters. This master stroke genius of the current government of President
H.E Musa Bihi Abdi will see that the ministerial expenditure reduced to a
staggering 40% point.

The head of state commended his ministers for a job well done. The
president who was in a jovial mood during the Tuesday budget deliberations
stated that the cabinet has risen above expectation and cut cost of running
the government. This means that in paper all ministries have trimmed down
their annual expenditure.
These government strategic budget plans are much emphasized on agriculture,
marine resources. Also in the pipeline is development of crucial services
such health, education and water resources which for years had lagged
behind due to underfunding.

Another sector of utmost importance the government has put on the
spotlight; is the development of youth manpower and disaster preparedness
following constant drought in the country which always disrupts the
livelihood of many nomads.

The comprehensive plan will be forwarded to parliament for debate and