British Government to Open a Consulate Office in Hargeisa


Somalilandsun: The UK government has acknowledged that her embassy in Mogadishu, Somalia is powerless and cannot initiate work in Somaliland. This has forced the British government to rethink her strategic interest hence will open a new consular office in Hargeisa.

According to reports from reliable sources informed Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) that a member of parliament from the British House of Commons Hon. Stephen Doughty on Thursday at the House floor asked the state minister of foreign affairs Mrs. Harriet Baldwin when Somaliland consulate will open.

“The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has confirmed the British embassy in Mogadishu, Somalia cannot handle the bulk of work in Somaliland in this respect we are planning to review our policy and see if we could open a new consulate in Hargeisa.” Mrs. Baldwin stated.

Hon. Steven Doughty was amongst a British parliamentary group that recently toured Somaliland on a fact-finding mission. He also champions for Somaliland recognition by the international community