Bill Clinton and Brit Entrepreneur Talk Bollywood


LONDON: Somalilandsun – Former President of the United States, Bill Clinton has revealed that he’sa keen Bollywood fan after meeting British Asian entrepreneur, Kaser Mehmood.

It just came up in conversation, said the young Brit, famous

for his work with Bollywood A-list celebrities. I asked him if he had

seen many Indian films and he said that he’d seen several and loved

Bollywood productions.

British born Kaser met the ex-president when he was invited along to a

gala dinner for the Clinton Foundation in central London. But the

conversation wasn’t all about Bollywood and celebrity: I was there to

support the work of the Clinton Foundation, said Kaser. As a businessman

and philanthropist I continue to support the Clinton Foundation’s mission

to improve global health, strengthen economies, promote healthier

childhoods, and protect the environment. The ex-president himself was very

friendly and easy to talk to and we were chatting for some time about all

the good work that the foundation is doing.

Kaser already has a reputation for endorsing high profile celebrities

charitable causes, most recently having arranged for a donation of £7500

to be made to the Mo Farah Foundation, which provides life-saving aid to

those millions facing starvation and disease in East Africa.

Satisfied that the ex-president of the United States is a fan of

Bollywood, Kaser, who combines entertainment with his philanthropist work,

said he will now turn his attentions to promote Bollywood in the Middle

East. I feel that Qatar is the next big contender in the entertainment

field and so I’m looking to this region to be the next big heavyweights to

embrace Bollywood.