Bihi is Entitled to Vie for Presidency under Kulmiye’s Ticket


By: Osman A.M.

London ( Somalilandsun) – The ruling party patron Musa Bihi is entitled to contest for presidency in the coming presidential elections if he clinches the party’s ticket in nominations that President Silanyo is expected to take part in.

This was revealed by the Information, Culture & National Guidance Minister Abdillahi Mohamed Dahir Ukuse while being interviewed by Voice of America’s Somali language in London UK where the minister joined Somaliland Diaspora Community in commemorating the 23rd anniversary of the nation’s autonomy.

The minister previously hinted that due to public demand, President Silanyo is interested to take part in the elections of the highest office on land as he is constitutionally entitled to seek for a re-election of a second term in office.

“The first candidate for Kulmiye party is the head of state because he has the right to seek re-election of a second term in office on account of Government performance & development records.

Ukuse equally welcomed the candidature of the ruling party’s patron who recently announced that he is going for the highest office saying that democracy allows people to seek political offices by declaring their interest but the ballot would separate serious contenders from daydreamers.