Berbera poised to become African regional hub


Somaliland Sun – It may not be a travel destination, but things are looking up for Berbera, a port city at the top of the Horn of Africa. Paul Schemm reports for the Washington Post that Berbera is pivotal to the future of Somaliland, the northern half of Somalia that declared independence a quarter century ago after the rest of the country descended into chaos.

“Although no nation officially recognizes it, Somaliland has its own police, army, flag and currency, and for the past 24 years has held regular elections,” Schemm writes.

Of Somaliland’s cities, Berbera is perhaps best primed to attract more trade and investment, particularly from neighboring Ethiopia. The fast-growing port could become a gateway for goods headed to and from Ethiopia, which is landlocked. But before that vision can be realized, the Post says, Somaliland must find a way to fund infrastructure upgrades that exceed its national budget.

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