Baidoa Children Wanted for Help


EditorAnyone know these two children?

Somalilandsun- A German has contacted Somalilandsun enquiring on possibilities of acquiring information on two children who were photographed in a refugee camp in Baidoa and was taken in August-September in 1992.

“Anyone who knows these two children?

The recording is from a refugee camp in Baidoa and was taken in August-September in 1992.There is a girl and a little boy.

Who can say anything or has any clues to the present whereabouts of the two? “

If you do or know of anyone or organization that does kindly contact for subsequent connection with the interested party.

The German benefactor’s message to Somalilandsun read

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Andrea tungsten hero and I live in Germany. My email-omitted

Last year I was sent an email with the most used email attachments 2010. Among them was a photo of two children. I was shocked and I unfortunately had to bear in mind that I have made this year.

Is it possible to place an ad online with the photo of the children?

In Ethiopia, I was such a turn already free with the photo of wanted children.

I’ve tried thus to benefit the children more about this “image” and, did some research on the Internet, written organizations nationally and internationally. Vain.

Last week I stumbled on the side of Mr. (deleted) and have found the recordings. Shooting from a Refugee Camp in Baidoa, August-September 1992. Unfortunately,the Mr. has not responded to my inquiries about the children.

In the same year were made by Getty Images recordings in Baidoa etc. in an orphanage.

BAIDOHA, SOMALIA: Children rest in the courtyard of a Baidoa, Somalia orphanage 09 September 1992. The orphanage is a one-story concrete building without chairs, tables and beds, and was built for fewer than 100 children.

Director Abdi Noor Ali Hassan said that the orphanage now houses 520 children whose parents have starved to death or been killed by clan fighters. (Photo credit should read ALEXANDER JOE/AFP/Getty Images).

Looking at the pictures I am still very touched and incredibly sad.

I took this as an opportunity to angering me, if only financially. I now support three projects in Africa and have a godchild in Swaziland. Nevertheless. The present circumstances of the children would interest me very much.

Now I am become aware of your website.

My questions now appear certain strange, but nevertheless.

Are you this shooting or even the orphanage known or can you call me maybe contacts to whom I can turn here?

They believe that the children have had a chance in the photo from 1992? Have you survived? Where could I find them? Which Camps are held in Baidoa? I can put myself in conjunction with these organizations or which are in the camp site that I can contact?

Here you could trace back the years?

I thank you for your attention.