“Ayan, of the Lucky” a Novel by Somali-American Fadumo Yusuf Chronicles the Journey of a Somali Refugee Girl who Aspires to become a Doctor

Fadumo Yusuf *inset* is the author of 'Ayan, of the Lucky.'

Somalilandsun: Soon after Fadumo Yusuf arrived in the United States as a teenager in 2006, she turned to public libraries in the Twin Cities for books that would help her improve her English. She checked out as many as she could and read them cover to cover, even if she didn’t understand everything.

But there were certain books that Fadumo could not find: Books about the experiences of Somali immigrants and refugees, especially stories about young people coming of age in the U.S. “I couldn’t find any books that I could see myself in, that spoke to the Somali-American experience,” she said. “That continued to be a little bit of frustration for me as time went on.”

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