As UN Remains Mum on Accusations of Undermining Somaliland Sovereignty, What Next President Bihi

President Muse Bihi Receives UN Special Envoy James Swan file photo

Somalilandsun:.United Nations has not yet responded to various allegations of underling the sovereignty of Somaliland made by President Bihi late last week.

While delivering the keynote speech at the 7th central committee conference of the ruling Kulmiye party President Bihi who is also the party’s leader  accused the United Nations of taking action against Somaliland’s sovereignty, by trying to enforce the implementation of political and development policies of the  Somali federal government.

This accusations by  the president came in the heels of  a circular suspending all cooperation between the government of Somaliland and all UN agencies issued by   his planning ministry

According to the circular the suspension will stay in place until further notice which translates to until the grievances of Somaliland are addressed.

But after a week of this accusations by the president and his administration the   United Nations has not yet responded nor is there any indication that it has acknowledged receipt of the circular.

On the other hand reliable Geeska Afrika newspaper sources  have confirmed that there hasn’t been any  contact thence no  dialogue between the government and the  Special Representative of Secretary General  of the United Nations in Somalia who is himself the main culprit of the accusations leveled against the global body.

While personally accusing  the SRGS Somalia of pursuing policies that promote the being of war-torn Somalia but detrimental to the statehood of Somaliland   president Bihi urged the local  UN  boss to engage in activities that will enhance security by pushing down raging tensions between the two sides.

As this stand now it is unknown  what further action the authorities in Somaliland will take though there are only two options, that is enter into negotiations with the UN or completely severe relations with the global body.

Revealing  that the actual amount of aid received from the UN  is a mere five million dollars in five years thus a million dollars a year, which his administration  is supposed to allocate the entire country, president Bihi “If losing this so called aid and gaining our respect translates to respect for our sovereignty so be it,

If this is to be read literally then it is very clear that  only option open to the administration of president Bihi  for continued cooperation is mutual respect  between the UN and Somaliland

By the time of going to press efforts to elicit comment from  United Nations on the matter remain futile.

Somaliland planning ministers’ directive suspending cooperation with United Nations Agencies