Arrawelo: Queen of Somalia


Arrawelo queen of Somalia

Somalilandsun: It  was in the past centuries, the story of queen Ebla Awad, that is called {Arraweelo] became one of the most famous story in somali society.

As we know, somali society was of nomadic origin, oral society not written, any events are not read.
Still more people are asking themselves who was queen arraweelo? Arraweelo was a queen that ruled in the eastern regions, she was powerful, intelligent, she had natural ability and she had military strategies
Arraweelo had many versions, she was beautiful, strong minded woman and a very confident person.
She hated males, she was famous in castrating men for no reason, prisoners, and some times killed men and she fought for the rights of women, empowerment and she was one of the earliest female rulers in the world.
She believed men should live under women’s feet , she lived in a castle, she got gifts and was wearing luxury clothes , gold and she used coins.
somali queen araweeloThe story said araweelo’s daughter fell in love with a man called Odat Biiqay { was a wise coward}, there was long fighting between araweelo and Oday Biiqay he understood her secret, but he succeeded to escape from araweelo’s prison and managed to survive in the wilderness.
The Story reported that, araweelo’s daughter had grown up she happened to meet Oday Biiqay in his solitude, she liked his kindness and his good sense and fell in love with him.
Araweelo daughter became pregnant and gave birth to a boy, Araweelo was very hungry when she heard her daughter gave birth to a baby boy, because she hated all men.
Arraweelo wanted and planned to castrate her grandchild but her daughter requested and convinced her mother to delay this bad decision until he was grown up to an adolescent.
When he grew up, he took the initiative and killed his grandmother, before she made a statement of castration to him.

Author: Abdilahi Ahmed Arshe, hargeisa, somaliland