An Epic Journey to Somaliland


Explorer Christopher Stanfield is embarking on his most profound adventure to date… Trekking over land and sea, across the vast barren desert of north east Africa, from Port Sudan down through the Red Sea to Djibouti, across the immense Djibouti terrain descending into the rugged mass of Somaliland, continuing on to his final destination Edna Adan’s Maternity hospital.

This world first is an extraordinary feat of endurance aiming to highlight the health of the people of Somaliland, and raise £100,000 to go towards helping the hospital to continue to flourish.

September 8th, Brit Christopher along with U.S. film maker Dave Adams shall be arriving in Egypt and trek south until arriving in Port Sudan where they will hitch a boat down the Red sea as far as Djibouti, from there he will continue into Somaliland finishing at Edna Adan’s Maternity Hospital in Hargeisa.

This extraordinary adventure will take approximately 4 months covering over 3000 miles across some of the world’s most harsh and politically challenging terrain. He will be filming the journey in its entirety with the goal to take this adventure to the masses via media.

The documentary aims to show the diverse nature of each country, incorporating the lives and culture of the people, highlighting the impact their health care systems have on them. It will also encapsulate every emotion, every triumph and every difficulty encountered in their rawest forms. The expedition will have an underlying theme to provide an inspirational distraction from our modern lives and ultimately show that despite our world’s current problems, there is still so much hope to be had.

And just like Edna’s hospital is an inspiring white light in Somaliland, this expedition will be an inspiration to many round the globe… ‘ A small axe can chop a big tree’ x

– Kindest regards, Christopher Stanfield