After South Sudan, Why not Somaliland?



By: Geeska

Somalilandsun – The international community recognized South Sudan; and, although Somaliland has been petitioning for its rightful recognition-the verdict is not in favor of such a pursuit.

This is in-fact after Somaliland fulfilled all major requirements expected of recognition;

(a) a permanent population, (b) a defined territorial boundary, (c) a government, and (d) an aptitude to enter into relations with other states.

In comparison to many other countries in Africa, Somaliland has and continues to be recognized for its great strides into a post-conflict era of peace and stability. And yet, as South Sudan only in its first few years of recognition exhibits relapsing moments into war and instability-the world acknowledges Somaliland but refuses to recognize it.

There’s a great difference between acknowledgement and recognition; perhaps, one may acknowledge a great piece of art and yet refuse to recognize the many components involved in creating beauty. In the case of Somaliland, it is largely acknowledged as a partner in the region but the world refuses to recognize the sole wish of such a partner: International Recognition.

Maybe, the world rushed in one case or another; perhaps Somaliland was and still is more deserving than many other recognized countries. It’s difficult to say or in any case explain the worlds reasoning or mere justification as to not recognizing Somaliland; in a time such as now in South Sudan, it’s quite clear that there needs to be greater emphasis on the necessity of recognizing Somaliland.

This editorial posted Monday, 30 December 2013 is the original work of Hornnewspaper an English weekly newspaper published in Hargeisa by the Geeska Media group