Africa in Motion Celebrates a Decade of Outstanding African Cinema


Somaliland sun – “When founders took the first small steps towards organizing an African film festival in Scotland ten years ago, they could not have imagined how much the festival would grow in scope, audiences and diversity over the course a decade

Since its inception in 2006, Africa in Motion has introduced nearly 30,000 audience members to the brilliance and diversity of African cinema thence an AIM growth that mirrors the growth of filmmaking on the African continent.

While celebrating ten years of African Cinema in Scotland, Africa in Motion shall also reflect on a decade of expanding and diversifying views of the continent and strengthening its connections with Africa.”

Details of the program menu for the Film Festival that runs in Glasgow & Edinburgh from the 23rd October – 1st November 2015 cum celebrating a Decade of AIM which will again be packed with an eclectic array of films, director Q&As, masterclasses, music events, an African TV lounge, children’s workshops and more visit .

Africa in Motion is an audience-based festival, founded in 2006 by African film researcher Lizelle Bisschoff. The main aims of the festival have been, since its inception, to introduce Scottish audiences to the brilliance of African cinema and to overcome the under-representation and marginalisation of African film in British film-going culture.