A Somali-Ethiopian Laments “Wishes that are not Realized Yet”

Abdirasaq Hassan Laments “Wishes that are not Realized Yet”

Somalilandsun:  I have  joined  this  world in the late  of 1994 at  a village  in  harshin district sub county in jarar at  Somali region in Ethiopia    .my  birth is received  warmly  by the members of family and relatives  of mine   among  those  who greatly   pleased in my birth  was  my aunt   saynab  who  suddenly  named me  with the one   I currently  belong ‘’ Abdirisaq ‘’ moreover,  the festival  and ceremonies  held  to the  celebrations  of my  birthday  wasn’t limited  within  the  family  but it  was  reached  to the neighbors   who have been in habited  with us   whom greatly  welcomed   to my delivery on this  world .

I bring up  with adopting  the life  on this world  , which is full of challenges  and  obstacles  that may  hinder the  wishes  and  the hopes  you  own  or you dream  to reach once   if  the  life   allows  you , anyway I have been living  with my  family  which have been comprising   with  my two  parent  and  7  brothers  and   4 sibling. As time  went on  the knowledge  I  earning  towards  this  world  have been increasing  and also  the events  that is going around  us  including  the  state  of land , and  the population  living  in the village .

When it comes  the people, they  have been nomad   who usually move   with their livestock  in search  of pasture  and  water apart from this,  the  only source of income and  the economic  activity  they own was  the rearing of livestock .

the  rearing  and the welfare they provide  to their  livestock are  made  them  busy   and  not  to find a  time  with   other sectors of life  such  as knowledge  and the adaptation of modern technology  which  make  easy  the modern life  in other hand the modern life   doesn’t  make   them sense  instead  they have  been satisfied  with the life  they own  that -is raising and making use  the product of livestock, this  have been  the major employment  that they have been own  even the young children they get adopt at early stages   for the raising  of herds  and  I have been among those  who grew  up for taking resopinsility   at early stages  so as  I get older I begun to take part  the duties towards  the  family role ,  I used to herd    our  sheep  where   I  feed  them  for the areas seemed to be good for grazing  and  have  delicious  grasses moreover  my role wasn’t limited  for herding  livestock and caring them but it was far and  beyond  I used to perform every  task  that needs  to  be done in contrast I  haven’t been lazy or those who characterize  with a neglect  or those naturally  own the laziness  features .

in addition  to this , the love  and  willingness I own  when it comes  the presence of my own birth town  couldn’t be imagine as  I used  to play and laugh  with my equal peers  of children, as  you know children  have no  place  to compare  like  their home  for this reason  many times   I have  shown  the refusal  to go anywhere instead I was really satisfied   for   the herding and  grazing livestock  while my equal  peer wish  to  go  to the  urban  and  go  to school  to improve better  their status in better than they are today  .

Abdirasaq Hassan Laments “Wishes that are not Realized Yet”

When I have been at the age  of  six years old  I got  sick  and  this inturn led me  to seek medication  to  the urban  as there is  no medical centres in our   town, my mother  took me to the  town  to deal my health situation  which have been getting  worse , after  a lot  of effort  made  by the doctors  turn  my situation  into normal  and  I began  to  start my recovery  stage  however  the  first  at  the  town have been  the amazing  days  I have  ever met  things  appear  newly  as  it  was first time  I have seen them  for instance  in rural  areas  people  don’t use  lamps  or electricity instead  they  use  small lamps such as torches  whom their  effect  seem  small  in addition , when it comes night  the huge lamps  that  emits  light  make me  not  to distinguish  whether it is  a night   or  day of course , when I am saying that it  is  not  a joke  nor  lack of  civilization  but  it  traces  back  to   the way  I have grown  up  -that   it  was to use  the small lamps  and  fire  as   they  are  busy  for the whole  day  with  the grazing  and herding  of their livestock  this make  them  to sleep early  and  wake up early  to perform  the milking and  letting the  young once  of both  sheep   and  camel  to  suck   the camel  in other hand  going  to sleep earlier  and  waking up early  is good  for  health  as the modern  science  mentioned  and  encouraged  many peoples   who live  in the urban centers  to perform   in order  to prevent  disease  from   the lack  of exercise

anyway the memories  that kept in my mind  is the day     my  mother left  me in my uncles  home  – it  has been a day  that lefted  traces  that I never  forget  and as  we know  there is nothing to compare  for  the place  you raised  up ,  the  pleasure  , entertainment   and calmness  is accompanied  to   the air of your  home  town  this  in turn  makes you to  feel calmness and please  whenever  you  visit  to  your  birth  town .

at  the moment  mother was leaving  she   told me  that she is going  back  from  the shop   and  will buy to me some sweets   but  this  have not been  the truth , as I awaited  long  but  she  doesn’t back , from this  every  mother  wishes   to  see her son  to achieve  success in life  this in turn  made my mother  to let me alone  however , I  have been waiting  my and  wishing  to  get  to go with her .

By: Abdirasaq Hassan