A Puntland Attack Will Result in Deadly Consequences” Somaliland Government Warns


Somalilandsun – The government of Somaliland has spoken strongly against the Puntland administered region of Somalia which has issued threatening sentiments to the armed forces of Somaliland protecting her borders. The statement further warned Puntland that it will face fire with fire should it dare try attack Somaliland.

This is according to a press release by Somaliland ministry of defense spokesman which Somaliland News Agency (Solnanews.com) received a copy.

The press statement read “the Somalia region of Puntland started a propaganda campaign through the different types of media such as TV, websites and newspapers that it will start an all out war with Somaliland.”

Somaliland has accepted the proposal of IGAD, The UN and AU and the international community to maintain peace and harmony in the region. It has also opened a humanitarian corridor for aid to reach Tukaraq region of Somaliland which the Puntland administrations falsely claim ownership. All these cessation of hostilities proposal have been broken by Puntland leaving Somaliland with no other option other than to protect her territorial integrity.
The majeertenia tribal enclave of Puntland issued the threat of attack during a press briefing by its interior minister in Garowe where he not only vowed to quash Somaliland but publicly stated that the Somalia regional administration shall not listen to appeals by the international community