A Journey For Survival: Halima’s Story


Dear Readers,

Somalilandsun – As the world marks World Refugee Day today, we want to introduce you to Halima and her son. In May, an RI team traveled to South Sudan and met with refugees, including Halima, who had fled war in their home region of Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. After her husband was killed in the conflict, a very pregnant Halima joined others in a week-long walk to South Sudan.

The journey was perilous, as Halima and the others constantly had to take cover from bombs being dropped by the Sudanese Armed Forces. But she survived, and is now one of the more than 70,000 Sudanese refugees who call Yida camp their home.

Who will speak for Halima, and ensure a safe and hopeful future for her and her son? Refugees International will.

Join US  as we share Halima’s story in the halls of the U.S. Congress, at the United Nations, and with governments around the world. Because RI wishes to maintain its independence, we do not accept funding from any government or the United Nations. So we rely on friends like you.

Thank you for helping us give Halima and her son the future they deserve.

With great appreciation,

Michel Gabaudan

President, Refugees International