Somaliland: Sool Region to Host Reconciliation Conference for Two Hostile Clans in In Saadheer

inset Sool regional governor and Tradtional leaders negotiating peace in Saaxdheer

Somalilandsun: In Preparations for a peace conference to mediate between two warring clans, the governor of Sool region Abdiqani Mahmud Jiidhe accompanied by members of the traditional elders arrived in Saadheer to lay the groundwork for the conference

The two Saadheer clans have previously been involved in continued clashes that have resulted in deaths and injuries in Ceegaag and Horufadhi areas of Sool region.

Arrangements for this reconciliation conference were initially held in Saaxdheex by government officials and traditional authorities to pave the way for the brotherly clans to be mediated.

“We are here in  Saadheer, with some traditional leaders for purposes of final reconciliation of the two warring clans of this area” said the Sool regional governor

Adding that the two communities will be brought together in a peace to last forever   during the reconciliation  conference will open in two weeks.

We met with the people of the villages and settlements, and we talked to them to prepare, to work on, and to welcome the delegates to the venue, how to receive them.

About 200 delegates are scheduled to attend the peace conference.

Abdiqani Mohamud Jideh also said that the role of the Somaliland government in the conference is to be present at the opening of the conference and to ensure security during the conference through the Ministry of Interior. But the main role and leadership of the conference will be played by the traditional leaders.

With the Somaliland Ministry of Interior  monitoring the situation closely peacekeeping forces have been deployed  thus the process is going well, ”said the Sool governor.