Somalilandsun: As a result of the pressure brought to bear on AS and IS-Somalia by the FGS, the FMS forces, and the international forces, the gains made in 2019 have been maintained to some extent into 2020. For instance, assassinations this quarter were 47; it was 33 the same time last year and 39 during the last quarter of 2019. Similarly, there were 46 direct military attacks by AS this quarter while there were 41 during the same time last year; however, there were 50 direct military raids by AS during the last quarter. As for IED attacks, there were 37 attacks this quarter; 74 the same time last year, and 62 the last quarter of the previous year.  This suggests that the allies continue to retain the initiative while AS is forced into a more-defensive posture. This increasingly forces the group to invest its resources into urban assassinations and IED attacks.

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