Somaliland: State Urges Media To Promote Peaceful Stability

Somaliland journalists at the interior ministry training

Somalilandsun:  The Minister of Interior Hon Mohamed Kahin Ahmed and his counterpart at the Information ministry Hon Suleiman Ali Koore urged the media fraternity to play a significant role in strengthening peaceful stability and security in the country.
The two-day symposium on Peace & Media role attended by Ministers of Interior and Information, Somaliland Police Chief, Somaliland Human Right Commission Chairman Mr Mohamed Baarut, Director General of the Ministry of Interior, SOLJA Chairman and the media  personnel, was held at the Ministry of Interior premises.
Interior Minister Mr. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed detailed purpose of the workshop and the required role for Somaliland Media to take part instrengthening security.
“Today we are talking about the role of the media in peace. Somaliland populace had in concerted efforts come together intellectually,educationally, ethically and culturally while in unison vowing to uphold peace”, said Hon Kahin.
“You are young mostly men and women journalist sitting  here, but from
91 to 1994, peace conferences in Somaliland convened in Borama, Gebiley, Hargeisa, Berbera, Sheikh, Burao, Ainaba, Gar-adag, Erigaabo, Las Anod, Shimrale, Awr-Boogeys, at a time of widespread destruction in Somaliland cities destroyed by artillery, no economy, but none of the meetings were financed outside, but locally”, he recalled, and
added “ Our meeting does not mean press ought to support government,
or opposition does not have the right to speak, it does not mean conceal truth is not stated. We need the media to grow, disseminate information that will benefit the community at large.

Whether newspapers, TV, Websites, social media, Facebook or Twitter you will not find platform a person gain knowledge, cultural or educational information. The press is free, but the freedom should not be abused.
If a journalist commits a crime, he or she should be subjected to law.Yes, no one above the law”. Information, Culture and National Guidannce minister Hon Suleiman Ali
Koore also recalled how Somaliland community struggled in peace building and stressed the important the role media needed to develop,

“We are a government, and its policies are reached in consul ministers’ meetings hence   whenever I avail media policy to the consul, I am a member of its decisions. I stand by the Minister’s point of view, human beings have sacred issues and values and their
sensitivity ought to be guarded for the sake of peaceful stability.
The difference of peaceful stability during the struggle and now is quite different and by thus we ought to safeguard and maintain it”, said Hon Koore.
Minister Koore said the government does not want to suppress the media, but rather, support and seek more international organization partnerships.
“Safety is important for the country; we need people to come closer,
Lawya-ade upto Qow people have common interests. I acknowledge the
Minister’s view that female journalists are far more protectionist than men in maintaining security.

Somaliland interior minister Mohamed Kahin at meet with journalists in Hargeisa

I will deal with every media outlet as per previous agreements and hold to account the proprietors and editors” he said, and added “Nation and population need to advance and
keep community safe, and tribalism shunned.

Government is not ready to suppress, intimidate, or undermine media, rather allocated budget includes SOLJA 50 thousand & WIJA 30 thousand dollars, up to $ 80,000
total, which proves how government supports, given the tight budget, and nonetheless, we expect Media to protect the country and people and together work mutual respect & cooperation”.
Somaliland Police Chief Brig Gen Mohamed Adan Saqadi, urged media personnel not to single out or besmirch solders, but their good deeds should be disseminated. He said that the police force workedtirelessly for the nation.

By: Mohamoud Ali Walaaleye
Tell. 00-252-63-4001235
Freelance Reporter
Hargeisa- Somaliland