Somaliland: What’s being Sprayed in Our Skies?


“The United Nations has counted 64 reports of foreign fighter jets, helicopter and unmanned aerial vehicles operating in Somalia over the last year, most of which violated the 1992 arms embargo against Somalia.

Somalilandsun- Once in a while, you will see our beautiful blue skies in Hargeisa crisscrossed by what looks like jet plane ‘Condensation trails’ (contrails). The odd thing about these contrails or atmospheric vapours left by jet-engine exhausts is that these contrails don’t disperse and disappear in a matter of minutes, like usual contrails do in the sky. They linger for hours on end and spread themselves wide and long in the sky, like misty-kind of clouds. The said, streaming vapours, left behind by these jet planes, in no time join, and blanket our beautiful blue skies with whitish-haze or a smoky thin cloud cover.

On 17th January 2018, around midday: I noticed two jet planes flying high above us in Hargeisa. They were flying perpendicular to each other heading east and south direction. Both planes were spurting out thick “contrails”. I saw them again, twenty minutes later, this time flying in the opposite northerly and western directions. This went on for a good hour, and by 3pm the Hargeisa sky was canvassed by their crisscrossing jet “contrail” vapours. And by late afternoon, the sky above us had a diffused cloud-like, misty cover.

That very night, about 9pm, Hargeisa was immersed by a heavy fog like fine spray, similar to early morning dewdrops. By midnight, the fog-like mist cleared as quickly as it appeared. The following day, in town, everyone was talking about the fog-like mist, which appeared out of nowhere, the night before. It caught everyone’s surprise, because it was an unusual weather phenomenon not seen before in the early evening ‘Hargeisa’ hours.

What many of Hargeisa’s people don’t know is that the two jet planes’ vapour-like “contrails” that crisscrossed their beautiful blue sky, and turned it into a hazy diffused veil during the day, and by night time rained into a fog-like mist soon after 9pm were “Chemtrails”. Chemtrails are a vapourised form of fine mixture made up of toxic (aluminium and barium) chemical ‘Nano-particles’ released/sprayed into the air by military operated aircrafts in some parts of the world.

In other words, the vapour-like “contrails” which spewed out of the two jet planes above our skies during that Wednesday afternoon were chemtrails. I won’t go into why I believe we were sprayed with chemtrails that day. Because, photos I took of the chemtrails, during that afternoon (see below), speak for themselves. If you want to know more about chemtrails, see the links below.

For the past two decades, it’s been widely known in the US and EU countries that their governments have been secretly spraying mega-tons of toxic fine chemical particles into their atmospheres so that they reverse the warming effects of global climate change. Not long ago, in a speech at The Council Of Foreign Relations, CIA Director John O.Brennan talks openly about Geo-engineering the weather through the use of chemtrails, and controlling the planet’s warming climate by spraying or injecting toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, he calls it ‘Stratospheric Aerosol Injection’ (SAI).

Harvard University Center for the Environment proclaims in its website, “Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program will develop methods that might reduce the risks and improve the efficacy of solar geoengineering when compared to the injection of sulfates into the stratosphere, which has been the standard proposal since the 1970s.”It goes on to say, “Specific examples include: Develop novel solid aerosols that might: a), reduce or even reverse ozone loss by neutralizing stratospheric chlorine, and b), have optical properties that greatly reduce stratospheric heating compared to sulfate aerosol.”

In other words, Harvard is telling us that, since the 1970s, the standard practise for injecting ‘Sulfates’ into the atmosphere has greatly been improved, and never before been made so clean, risk free and efficient. US geo-engineering scientists believe: by spraying the atmosphere with toxic chemicals is a technological method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun’s heat and this, in turn, will reduce the global warming effect of climate change.

Fortunately, for European and US citizens know at least who is poisoning them with chemtrails, i.e., their own governments; and someday, are sure to hold their governments accountable. But, who will we hold accountable in Somaliland? We don’t even know who is spraying us with these toxic chemicals. Or, infringing our airspace to poison us, and our water supply, animals, farmlands, vegetation and seas with chemical toxins? Regrettably, the answer is no one! It may seem, a bit disheartening to hear this, but please read on?

Violable Airspace

In 1992, the United Nation (UN) took control of our airspace. And, in 1996, transferred control to its sister UN agency, The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). We often hear ample news, about management and control issues concerning our airspace, but, rarely, will you hear anything mentioned about the countless ‘illegal’ flight incursions made by unknown aircrafts who ‘routinely’ operate in our airspace!

In all the UN resolutions, mandates and official reports on Somalia, there’s not one single reference which mentions unauthorised/illegal use of Somali airspace. For instance, ‘defenceWeb states:

“The United Nations has counted 64 reports of foreign fighter jets, helicopter and unmanned aerial vehicles operating in Somalia over the last year, most of which violated the 1992 arms embargo against Somalia.”

In another report it says:

“In a report delivered to the UN Security Council in late June 2012, the Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea said that unidentified UAVs now “routinely” operate in Somali airspace, potentially violating the 1992 arms embargo.”

Elsewhere, a UN official tells Washington Post:

“The U.N. Monitoring Group on Somalia, which prepared the new report, said that it considered the use of drones in that country “a potential violation of the arms embargo” because the aircraft are “exclusively military” in nature. Such as the Predator and Reaper unmanned aircraft that the U.S. military flies (in Somali airspace) at high altitude — would “be operating in violation of the embargo,” said Matthew Bryden, a Canadian official and coordinator for the U.N. Monitoring Group.”

It’s most alarming to learn: what’s ‘being violated’ here is not the Somali airspace, but the UN imposed arms embargo over Somalia. Virtually, nothing is said about the sixty-four foreign aircrafts/drones that were ‘operating illegally’ in our airspace!

What we can discern from all this is that the UN considers, “there are no provisions in international aviation law, in the absence of a state, for its airspace to be potentially violated by other states, or foreign aircrafts.” In other words, this means: how can a state’s airspace be violated, if it’s not in full control of it in the first place! A state must have an exclusive right of possession (and not just ownership) of its airspace, before, its airspace can be violated by other states/foreign aircrafts.

This is to say, Somaliland must be in ‘Control’ of its airspace before its airspace can be violated by any aircraft! At the moment, the status of the Somali airspace is classified as ‘Uncontrolled Airspace.’ What is meant by controlled? In layman’s language it’s “the capacity to allow or deny access to something or somewhere.” Hence, uncontrolled airspace alludes to the incapacity of Somaliland/Somalia to allow or deny access to their airspace.

The very act of announcing, a radio message warning to foreign aircrafts (through the radio emergency frequency) who violate Somali airspace, makes it illegal for unauthorised foreign aircrafts to use our airspace. Without this radio message announced, any aircraft has the right to enter (an implied licence) Somali airspace. A good analogy to this is like; owning the title deed to a piece of land that has not been fenced off with the warning sign “TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.”

Coming back, to our chemtrails discussion, we can now determine, with a sufficient air traffic surveillance system installed and operational in our airspace. We can:

  • potentially locate and possibly identify too, foreign aircrafts violating our airspace;
  • potentially deter foreign aircrafts with hidden motives violating our airspace;
  • potentially shoot down unauthorised foreign aircrafts violating our airspace;
  • potentially establish sound mitigation grounds against foreign aircrafts violating our airspace in foreign legal courts.


The newly elected Somaliland President Muse Abdi Bihi and the Somali Federal President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo should by any means:

  1. Incorporate a military airspace and its Air Transport Control unit, manned by former Somali Air Force air controllers.
  2. Immediately install air traffic surveillance system, (even if it means buying the crudest equipment available in the open market i.e., cheapest).
  3. Radar surveillance system should cover a minimum radius of 500km.
  4. Establish some sort of monitoring mechanism with the UN/ICAO.
  5. Broadcast to the world, foreign aircrafts violating Somaliland/Somalia airspace will ‘legitimately’ be shot down.

By: Rashid Mustafe X Nur

Hargeisa. Somaliland

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