Somaliland:President calls for IC Participation in Future Talks with Somalia


Somalilandsun:The President of the Republic H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi has called for the participation of the International community (IC) in future Somaliland-Somalia talks.

While speaking to the Turkish liaison official charged with the Talks Mr. Oglan Baker, the Head of State gave his sentiments in the background that “since past SL-Somalia Talks bore no fruits”. He said that for the talks to bear fruits it was imperative that the IC be incorporated.

It is worth noting that similar sentiments were expressed in the past by entities from friendly nations of Somaliland.

According to a press release from the Presidency yesterday afternoon, the President’s talks with Mr. Baker further highlighted the fact that the Head of State sought from Turkey non-partisan treatment as concerns grants to Somaliland and Somalia.

He said, “The Turkish government should show the people of the country non-partisan attitude as concerns Somalia hence development grants and alms extended to the two countries should be of equal proportions and not as the status quo”.

Indeed most of the grants now given to Turkey have its lion’s share going to Somalia.

The press circular stated that their talks also pondered on the general political aura of the Horn of Africa region and on the ways and means of bolstering the historic ties of SL-Turkish bilateral relations.

By M.A. Egge


  1. Turkish mediators will always be prejudiced toward Somaliland and it shows from what we have seen from the previous meetings. There is an element of conflict of interest in the situation. Therefore, Turkey has to step aside and let other countries mediate between Somaliland and Somalia. Why? Because Turkey government has with Kurdish group the same issues Somaliland has with Somalia. Therefore, they will neither be neural nor objective.

  2. Great point made by the previous comment. Turkey can’t ever be impartial in any divorce taljs between Somaliland & Somalia. Turkey has a huge military base in Somalia, trains the military in Somalia. They have also just trained fighter pilots for Somalia, and if the arms embargo weas lifted, would no doubt supply Somalia with jet fighters. Does that sound like an impartial arbiter? Come on!! The International community have to be involved.

  3. An excellent argument by previous comment. How can Turkey be an impartial referee between Somaliland and Somalia, when it has the largest military outside it’s borders, trains soldiers from Somali, including new fighter pilots, and if the arms embargo were ever lifted on Somalia, no doubt it will give them jet fighters too. Come on!! The International community has to take part in any future talks between Somaliland and Somalia, otherwise, the whole exercise would be pointless.


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