Somaliland: State scoffs at Somalia claims over SL territories


Somalilandsun- The government yesterday scoffed at the Mogadishu administration that purported to make a inventory ofall immovable state properties that includes those of Somaliland.

The state expressed shock that a country that still has no foot-hold of its own base should profess claim over an independent country that re-asserted is sovereighty almost three decades ago.

While expressing the country’s rebuff to Somalia claims, the minister of Information Culture and National Guidance who also hold the portfolio of government spokesperson derided Somalia claims in a press release circulated yesterday by the Somaliland News Agency.

In a terse statement Hon. Abdirahman Abdillahi Farah alias Guribarwaaqo noted that the claims are non-binding and had in essence no fundamental impact whatsoever as concerns the status quo of Somaliland’s independence.

He observed that, if anything, the non-sensical sentiments expressed by the Mogadishu administration was meant to sooth its own subjects who have never got respite as far as stability is concerned, given that Somaliland had re-asserted her independence more than a quarter of a century ago.

Reminding them that their country was still manned by AMISOM security personnel, the minister expressed shock that they should purport to take stock and inventory of the so called immovable stateproperty that included Somaliland!

He pointed out that the Mogadishu objective for such preposterous claim was to sooth angry Somalis who objected to their administration’s dishing out their oil reserves to foreign multinationals recently; a move that caused on outcry amidst themselves.

He further observed that the allocation to foreigners of the petroleum reserves comes hot on the heels of similar actions to another move on the marine resources.

The minister cautioned Somalia to come to terms with the reality that prevails in the Horn of Africa region and refrain from undermining the Republic of Somaliland which is a democratic sovereign nationthat saw five presidents change the buttons through ballot project.

By: M A Egge


  1. As a Somalilander from the Republic of Somaliland I strongly condemn Somalia”s illegal claims to sovereign Republic of Somaliland territorry and sovereign Kenyan territorry on both land and sea.

    Republic of Somaliland and Kenya are pillars of stability in this region of Africa and cannot and will not sit idly by as Somalia aggressively moves to claim and annex territorry from both Repubkic of Somaliland and Kenya.

    Republic of Somaliland stand fully with Kenya in Kenya’s righteous defense of its sea and land territorry. Wr strongly condemn the criminal junta masquerading as a “government”.

  2. Forget about state inventory, Kenya just severed diplomatic relations with the federal entity in Mogadishu over the auction of disputed sea borders reported to contain oil & gas. These clowns in Mogadishu are in living in a fantasy world, which has no relation to the reality on the ground. ” Waar ma ahaa waalin, mise Cadan baa laga heesayaa”


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