Somaliland- Poor management by the councils put the public at risk

(Medeshi)- This is how some losers behave after failing to deliver their duties to serve the public.
In this occasion they came with the president to oversee the devastation caused by the recent rains in the capital let alone the rest of the country.

These canals were made during the colonial era to relieve floods

Some used to do this during the rule of Siyad Barre as “ Guulwade”… or the loyal to the gov…
The drainage canals built by the British during colonial era are still there starting from behind the general hospital and going through the Shidhka down from Toghdheer road and pouring into  the the dry river through Gargaar corner. And yet those canals that were designed during era to relieve the rain floods have recently been used as a dumping ground for all the waist within the vicinity.
Squatters from the poorest families in the capital have been the most hit by the recent floods.
Poor town planning and lack of empathy lead to the demise of most of those that have died in these floods.

These canals were made during the colonial era to relieve floods

Lessons should be learned from tragedies like what happened today to improve upon the services and planning of the safety of the people in the country.


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