Japan’s Unchanged Ambition for Overseas Expansion Disclosed

Japan Maritime "Self-Defense Force" made approach flights to south Korean naval vessels.

Somalilandsun-In recent days patrol planes of the Japan Maritime “Self-Defense Force” made approach flights to south Korean naval vessels.

In the wake of last December the former made threatening low flights over the latter three times in January, rapidly bedeviling the weak relations between south Korea and Japan.

What is the background behind the escalating conflict and friction between south Korea and Japan over the said flights?

It is just Japan which has been engrossed in impudent provocations against other countries to invade them from ancient times.

The said successive flights are the manifestation of the inveterate ambition for territory expansion peculiar to Japan to seek its own profit while pulling up others.

The recent cases revealed more clearly the criminal wicked design of the Japanese reactionaries to destroy the climate towards peace on the Korean Peninsula and realize their ambition for reinvasion of Korea.

Japan has run amuck in revival of militarism and realization of its ambition for reinvasion under the pretext of the “threat from the north”.

The Japanese reactionaries are getting more undisguised in their criminal intention to create a political climate favorable for the revival of militarism and buildup of the SDF by ratcheting up tension on the Korean Peninsula.

They have made desperate efforts to legitimately come out in overseas aggression through the retrogressive revision of the constitution under the pretence of tension on the Korean Peninsula, and are now using even the estranged relations with south Korea in realizing their political purpose.

It is too natural that the anti-Japanese sentiments are mounting among south Korean people with each passing day.

Japan remains unchanged in its ambition for overseas expansion and it is getting more undisguised.

The Japanese reactionaries who are inveterately displeased to see their neighbor’s good progress are, indeed, the cancer-like entity checking reconciliation and unity of the Korean nation and destroying peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and the region.

All the Koreans should resolutely smash the hostile policy towards Korea and the ambition for reinvasion being sought by the Japanese reactionaries who block the future of the Korean nation and peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula while provoking Korea irrespective of the north and the south. -0-

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