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Somaliland: Sayla Council on Two Days Compulsory Leave
Sunday, 13 January 2013 18:37

Hussein Iidle Barkhadle Mayor of SaylaHussein Iidle Barkhadle Mayor of SaylaBy: Yusuf M Hasan

SAYLA (Somalilandsun) – Police are investigating circumstances that led to the burning of the mayor's car.

The official car assigned to the mayor of Sayla Councillor Hussein Iidle Barkad has been burnt down by person's unknown thus leading local police to send the entire council on two days compulsory leave of absence as they pursue investigations. '

This was revealed by the newly elected mayor during an interview with the Horn newspaper in which he also informed that the security situation in the town bordering Djibouti is calm.

Sayla town has been the scene of violent confrontations between police and a segment of area residents who are protesting what they term as an invasion of their town by outsiders. The confrontations have ensued with deaths and injuries to the protesting residents.

Since after the local council elections of 28th Nov 2012 the lineage of the person to occupy the mayor's office has been the bone of contention with the Isse clan who claim the area having won 7 seats as opposed to the Gadabursi considered as outsiders thus a minority clan garnering 10 seats.

The elevation of Councillor Barkad to the town's Mayorship has been the bone of contention since he is from the minority with the, majority Isse's claiming the elections were rigged in favour of the opposite clan.

Though Mayor Barkad elected during a sitting of ten councillors only, claims the security situation is back to normal the burning of his official vehicle and subsequent police investigation comes a few days after a violent confrontation between police and residents that led to the death of one and injuries to many others during an early military raid of the town.

On the other hand the council composition conflict which remains at a standstill even after the contended election of Cllr Barkad as mayor has grown other horns as per the recent short closure of the border by Djibouti.

Meanwhile police who sent the entire council on a two days compulsory leave of absence are yet to release information pertaining t their investigations of the arson that led to the burning down of the official mayor's car.



0 #2 mohamed cheers 2013-01-15 00:08
Ahmed bro think of the big disorderly
vandalism picture taking into the streets destroying everything that they come across including the law enforcement
Police. You are talking of a young teenager who was shot in the leg, but fail to see what major crisis would such
public order disturbances could harmfully
cause? Maintaining law and order is top
priority. Don't you think so?
+1 #1 mohamed cheers 2013-01-13 23:02
The perpetrator(s) who committed this horrific crime should be hunted and brought to justice. Such lawlessness shouldn't be allowed by the Police and
the Central Govt. The new Mayor should be well protected by the Govt for him to take charge of the Municipal tasks of Saylac. The Saylac Governor, the central
Govt, and the Police should take the
appropriate measures to protect the National Security and maintain the peace
of Saylac.

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