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Somaliland: “We only Discussed Reunification in Istanbul” – SFG
Tuesday, 21 January 2014 23:44

SFG Security minister Guleid signs Istabul II under the watchful eye of Turkish officialsSFG Security minister Guleid signs Istabul II under the watchful eye of Turkish officials

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – As part of the Somali Federal Government's-SFG mandate of reuniting the country talks in Istanbul  discussed just that,REUNION cum MIDNIMO

This is as informed RBC radio by the chief Somalia negotiator with Somaliland SFG Security Minister Abdikarim Hussein Guleid who stressed that the aim objective of the talks between the Federal Government of Somalia and the "BREAKAWAY ADMINISTRATION OF SOMALILAND" is to keep the Somali Republic united.

"Our main aim to carry out these talks with our brothers in the north is to keep the nation united as it is the main responsibility of the Federal Government." Minister Guleid said after signing three pages agreement with Somaliland administration in Istanbul on Monday.

According to the RBC report Minister Abdikarim who has spearheaded the Federal Government's delegation to Istanbul reiterated that the Mogadishu based government has its constitutional tasks to bring all Somali administrations onboard into the country's federal system and convince any concerned group including Somaliland.

"The Federal Constitution clear states the issue of keeping our country united and safe while the six pillars policy of the current government of Somalia also tells that." he added.

While the SFG remains adamant on its quest to have Somaliland back on board their tattered nation the ISTANBUL COMMUNIQUE II tells otherwise.

RBC's Minister Guled says Somalia-Somaliland talks aimed keeping the country united



+2 #12 Ed 2014-01-22 21:19
This news site attracts so much hate.
0 #11 mohamed cheers 2014-01-22 19:20
Ethiopia is the determining factor between Somaliland and Somalia?
Now that Ethiopia has fully joined Amisom
and their Amisom forces looking after Bay,Bakool and Jubaland parts, probably replacing the KDF? let's experience the new clandestine policy of the Tigray ruling EPRDF(HDRE), how capable the Ethiopians would be able to sustain their new clandestine powers throughout the Horn-E.A, AU et beyond???
+6 #10 mustafa 2014-01-22 19:08
Hahahaha ur kidding right hawiya r happy 2 run a villa in the name of somalia n darood r just a side show besides we r talking about the north what the monkyes have 2 do with us
0 #9 mustafa 2014-01-22 19:01
Dogs still park ur presedent needs african troops 2 take him 2 the toilet how is still dreaming now f@ggot
-1 #8 Garbo 2014-01-22 18:21
Hawiya n darood learn their lesson, they don't want anymore wars. The civil war has change them, now there is a mutual respect between them and they are working out their difference by talking. Somali should leave somaliland alone, they offer nothing but hate hate hate Brother fight all the time but after a while they forgive and move on I honestly think is a sin to hold a grudge this long, that generation is dead, and if any are alive they need to be locked up and away from this generation
-3 #7 Garbo 2014-01-22 17:47
Haha is funny watching the dream come to a end, ya somaliland folks are good at talking shyt but soon or later ya going to have to face the reality on the ground. There is only one Somali
+2 #6 Hargaisaawi 2014-01-22 16:24
I think before we talk about who came on top we should think of if Somalia will upheld their part of what was agreed, given their track record. I hope Somaliland govt have already formulated their response if Somalia fails to abide by the agreements. What do we expect from these talks? Are we hoping Somalia to accept our statehood or is it just talking is one of the things that we need to do before we have war or intervention from the international community? Things are not as simple as you may think but I have no doubt the process started is one we need and have to see it through before go to war or have the international community intervene. In the meantime, planning for all the possibilities including war is one we should undertake.
0 #5 mustafa 2014-01-22 07:16
what is " can lion cub " go learn english from ur britsh master cockroch
-5 #4 nj sherrif 2014-01-22 02:18
Quoting Somalilander:
Somalia needs to stop being a regional spoiler which exports terrorism to neighboring countries.

Somalia needs to accept the borders of Somaliland, Ethiopia, and Kenya and stop claiming their territorry.

Somalia needs to learn how to govern its territorry without 26 000 troops protecting its so called government from its own people.


Is their really a reason for keeping Somalia as a state? I think its more logical to split the country up and give a part to Somaliland and one part to Ethiopia and one part to Kenya.

Somalia and the people of Somalia have failed, they are failures. They need to be saved from their failure and stop barking like dogs about Somaliland.

OMG! you have got too much hate in you! forgive and forget becuase you are NOT gonna live FOREVER! united Somalia is BETTER.
+2 #3 mohamed cheers 2014-01-22 00:40
We all know what was discussed in the Istanbul communique II. The two sides did not start talking about the reunion topics. That will come in further discussions. What's binding are the officially signed agreements. What Minister Abdikarim said is just political views of the FGS standpoint which we all know already; nothing more. What's substantially important is the
on-going negotiations and their final outcome. The Somaliland position is clear. The next round talks in Turkey is less than 90 days away and What has already been agreed upon are so far so good.

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