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Somaliland: Faculty of Law at UoH Improves Quality
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 22:53

Hargeisa University Graduates/fileHargeisa University Graduates/file

By: A A Jama

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) - A lecturer of law in Hargeisa University Mr. Mohammed Abokor has briefed about law departments in the University of Hargeisa-UoH.Mr. Mohammed Abokor said that there five departments we have the departments of human rights and other departments of law.

Mr. Mohammed also said law departments of Hargeisa University has done much development in 2013. He added that this year the department of law have a plan to do much development. He said this departments of law is important for the students who are taking law studies.

Since the establishment of Hargeisa University the year two thousand has done much development. It was boosted up the knowledge of the students in the university. Somaliland government has boosted up education sector especially for the last three years since the government leading by his Excellency Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo took power in July 2010.

During his campaign in the year 2010 his Excellency the president of the republic of Somaliland promised that the student of primary school will get education free the ministry of education has done much development in the education sector.



0 # mohamed cheers 2014-01-30 03:14
Good promising news. This field of faculty of law knowledge is utmost necessity for SL. and enhancing quality is a must. Other faculties should also improve. The UoH should excel and emulate the Amoud University specially being the central University of the Capital City of the whole Country.
The living standards of both the teaching staff, the dean, and the students must be lifted to the highest possible standards. The GOSL is fully engaged in developing the country with many on-going projects and the National prospective educated cadres should be prepared and well organized before hand inorder to minimize foreign expatriate work forces. Overall the general quality of education in Somaliland is in keeping pace with the Country's going forward and gaining momentum towards progress, thanks to the Hon. Minister of Education and her deputies who are fully committed.

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