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Somaliland: 195 Rape Cases Reported To Police
Sunday, 29 September 2013 19:04

By Somalicurrent

Somalilandsun - Rape cases in Somaliland increases according to the ministry of Interior of the area.Interior minister of Somaliland Ali Mohamed Waran-Ade said that only Friday (27th September 2013) the police has received eight cases of rape,

including rape against children under the age of ten.

The minister said that they are investigating the culprits of the shocking acts against the women.

Last year, 195 rape cases reported to the police, 67 out of that number were children under the age of ten and 19 years old boy, according to Baahi-Koob, a sexual assault referral office of Somaliland's Ministry of health, Hirad radio in Hargeisa reported.

"Rape violations are increasing every month and year," said Baahi-Koob programme manager Abdikadir Ahmed Mohamed who talked to Sabahi website a month ago. He said 30% of reported cases were gang rapes and 55% of the victims were under 15 years old.

Baahi-Koob says that they have recorded 104 cases of rape in Somaliland during the first four months of 2013.

According to a local source, women from minority tribes in Somaliland suffer the most gang rapes.

South Somalia rape cases

In southern part of the horn of Africa country, the rape is higher then the reported cases in Somaliland.

Amnesty International report released August this year said that women and children living in Somalia's makeshift camps for displaced people face a high risk of rape and other sexual violence.

According to the United Nations, there were at least 1,700 cases of rape in IDP Camps in 2012 in Somalia, with at least 70 per cent of these being carried out by armed men wearing government uniforms. Nearly a third of the survivors are reported to be under the age of 18.

Most victims don't report the rape cases to the police because they fear being stigmatized and had little confidence in the authorities' ability or will to investigate, Amnesty says.

"Women and children, who have already been forced to flee their homes because of the armed conflict and drought, now face the additional trauma of living under threat of sexual attack," said Donatella Rovera, Amnesty International's Senior Crisis Adviser.

"The inability and unwillingness of the Somali authorities to investigate these crimes and bring the attackers to justice leaves survivors of sexual violence even more isolated and contributes to a climate of impunity in which attackers know they can get away with these crimes,"

"Concrete action must be taken to ensure justice for the victims and to send a strong and unequivocal message that sexual violence cannot and will not be tolerated."

Somalia had no central government more than two decades, famine, drought and civil war made the lives of ordinary people tough, but now hope returns to the country after the election of the country's first president and permanent government in September last year.



+3 # Daud 2013-09-30 03:16
Waxa keenay in kufsigu bato:

1. Filimada aflaanta (pornography) oo dhalinyaradu internetka ka daawadaan bilaash taas oo dhaqanadi xumaa ee gaalada barey dhalinyarada wadanka.

Waa in sida dalka China oo kale dowladeenu kontroolgareysa ama derbi internetka ah sameysaa si loo joojiyo in xumaan kasta ee dibada loo soo waarido Jamhuuriyada Somaliland.

2. Dumarku yaaney keligood socsoconin ee iyago koox ah ama nin la socdo ha socdaan

3. Ha la kordhiyo xanuunka la xanuujinayo dembiile waxaas ku kaca. Ila dil ha la gaadhsiiyo ciqaabta.

4. Dhalinyaro basasiin ah oo infiltrategaree ya kooxaha tuugta iyo criminalska magaalooyinka waaweyn ha la howgeliyo.

+1 # faisal 2013-09-30 10:03
"Dumarku yaaney keligood socsoconin".

Somaliland is not Saudi Arabia. Women should feel safe to walk the streets alone. Other preventative measures should be introduced.
+2 # Ahmed 2013-09-30 14:51
Look where that got us so hard trying to please our girls are paying the price
0 # Gobaad 2013-09-30 20:47
"Dumarku yaaney keligood socsoconin...". Is not the solution. Giving the criminals a stiff sentences to deter them from repeating the same thing ever again.

I totally agree with faisal. If Iam not safe in my own country, where else would I be safe? Rape is a biggest crime around the world and should treated suchin Somaliland too! Those who are committing the crime and those are making excuses for them should think about their own sister, wife, and daughter.
+2 # faisal 2013-09-30 10:00
Lawmakers should introduce a death penalty and convict and sentence those who have committed this henious crime. It is un-islamic and un-Somali.
+1 # Kuluc 2013-09-30 16:17
gang rape is a big big crime , the government should punish those young boys. Somaliland women organizations must act sooner than later I am sure if they rise this issue up we cand end this problem. fear is the solution, every man should know the consequence of what he is doig. Example

Maximum jail, death penalty, torture, their name and images displayed on public media for scandal, so that every body will know what they have done. The government is doing none of the above ?!
# Guest 2013-10-01 07:57
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